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Plant List 2020



These brief  descriptions and pictures  serve as an introduction to the pallette of  plants we grow at our Southold N.Y. nursery.


                                                           Ornamental Plantings Plant List 2020

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N – native plant or derived from native plant–

NEW -(denotes new item, or back on the list again)

 ¥ - deer resistant plant  




astilbe hybrids


geranium hybrids

hemerocallis- daylily hybrids



sedum species & hybrids








¥ Achillea ‘Moonshine- 2', silvery foliage and rich yellow flowers, tolerant of more moisture than most yarrows. Good cut flower.Achillea Moonshine courtesy Walters Gardens

Achillea Little Moonshine- 15-18"

Agastache 'Black Adder'- Giant Hummingbird Mint, 3', dark purple/blue flower spikes all summer, deer resistant, anise scented foliage.

Agastache Blue Fortune courtesy Walters Gardens

 NEWAgastache Rosie Posie

¥ Alchemilla mollis-Ladie’s Mantle- 15"-18", delicately edged leaves, chartreuse fl. The Alchemist's Plant- if you wanted to turn lead into gold, an essential ingredient was water collected from the leaves of this plant.

NEW Allium christophii

.Allium Millenium

Allium Millenium

Allium Pinky Hybrid- 18"-24" an Ornamental Plantings exclusive variety Allium Pinky hybrid, Ornamental Plantings exclusive variety

NEWAllium sphaerocephalon- Drumstick Allium, 18"-24", dark purple/crimson egg shaped flowers in July, very deer resistant

                                      Drumstick Allium

¥ Allysum saxatile- Basket of Gold - 6-8", soft grey foliage, golden spring flowers, sunny/dry location Allysum, Basket of Gold in early Spring

NEW N Amsonia hubrechttii- 3'-4', slender leaves, blue flowers late spring, awesome brilliant gold fall color, deer and drought resistant, seashore tolerant

NEW N Amsonia tabermontane Blue Ice- 15"- 18", blue flowers over a long period late spring/summer. Deer resistant, drought and seashore tolerant.

Anemone Honorine Jobert

NEW Anemone Pamina

 Anemone Whirlwind- 2'-21/2', duoble white flowers with golden stamens in the fall, moist/well drained, part shadeAnemone Whirlwind, pristine as can be

NEW Anemone Wild Swan

 Anemone vitifolia robustisima- Grape-leaved Anemone, 2'-3', shell pink fall flowers, moist/well drained, part shade, very vigourous     

                    Anemone Robustissima in the Fall


¥NEW N Aquilegia canadensis-'Blue Star', Columbine, 15"-18", blue and white spring flowers, longlasting blooms, native and deer resistant, prefers shade, well drained, will reseed and colonize when happy.

Aquilegia Bluestar- Columbine

N¥ NEWAquilegia canadensis Little Lanterns- Eastern Columbine, native, 8"-12", compact plant with nodding scarlet and yellow flowers in late spring, deer resistant

  Aquilegia Little Lanterns, native Columbine

NEWAquilegia flabellata Alba-  8"- 12", blue green foliage, white flowers, dwarf, and neat. deer resistant

NEWAquilegia caerulea Origami mix- 12"-15", early blooming, deer resistant  Aquilegia Origami

NEW Aquilegia Nora Barlow- 15"-18", charming, unusual heirloom variety, green/white/pink double flowers 

NEWAquilegia vulgaris Winky mix- 18"- 24", sturdy upright flowers, deer resistant

NEW Aralia Sun King

N ¥ Artemesia- Tangerine Southernwood- grey green smokey foliage, 3'x3', pungent deer repellent

¥Aruncus aethusifolia 'Noble Spirit'-, dwarf Goatsbeard, 10"-12", finely divided ferny foliage, white featherduster flowers late spring-summer, part shade.

NEW N Asarum canadense- Ginger

NEW Asarum splendens

N Asclepias incarnata Cinderella- 21/2'-3', Swamp Butterfly Weed, pink fragrant summer blooms, loved by butterflies and gardeners

N Asclepias incarnata Ice Ballet- same as above but white flowered

N Asclepias tuberosa- Orange Butterfly Weed, 18"-24", orange, sometimes yellow summer flowers, deer resistant, seashore tolerant

Asclepias tuberosa, Butterfly Weed

N Aster 'Bluebird'- 3'-31/2', small blue daisylike flowers with golden eye, fall blooming, an Aster that retains its lower foliage. Very clean, very blue, very reliable                   

                                            Aster Bluebird in the Autumn

N Aster Dream of Beauty- 12"-15", fall blooming, soft pink flowers

Aster Dream of Beauty

NEW N Aster white

NEW Aster Snow Flurry

NEW Aster tall purple
                                                ¥   ASTILBE HYBRIDS

Astilbe Deutschland

Astilbe Erika

Astilbe ‘Hennie Graafland’ -12" ht., very late, deep shell pink bright pink

Astilbe Hennie Graafland, Pink Flowers, Glossy Green Leaves, Compact

NEW Mighty Chocolate Cherry

¥ Astilbe ‘Purple Candles’3'-31/2', very upright violet purple flowers in summer

Astilbe Purple Candles courtesy Walters Gardens

¥ Astilbe ‘Visions’-15"-18", fragrant, raspberry pink plumes- flower, glossy compact foliage.Astilbe Visions and Hosta Regal Cross


'White Gloria' 2'-21/2', full white flowers, dark green foliage Astilbe White Gloria courtesy Walters Gardens

Astilbe ‘Younique Lilac"-11/2'- rich pink flowers, new hybrid that is compact with very heavy bud count

Astilboides tabularis- (aka Rodgersia)- 2'-21/2', enormous textured foliage for moist part shade


N Baptisa australis- 3'-4', blue pealike flowers in late spring, salt tolerant native  Baptisia courtesy Walters Gardens

Begonia evansiana- Hardy Begonia- 2'-21/2', from local stock, a truly perennial Begonia, large red backed ruffled leaves, pink flowers late summer/early fall

Brunnera 'Silver Heart'- 12"-15", silver splashed foliage, sky blue spring flowers, gorgeous,  deer resistant shade lover       

Brunnera Jack Frost courtesy Walters Gardens                               Brunnera Jack Frost, Brilliant Blue Flowers

NEW Calamintha Montrose White- 12"-15", grey scented foliage, tiny white flowers all summer  Calamintha Montrose White, Fragrant Foliage, All Season Flowers

Campanula rotundifolia- Bluebells of Scotland, 6"-12", an old favorite, tiny bluebells all season

 Campanula rotundifolia, Bluebells of Scotland

NEW Cerastium tomentosum Snow in Summer

Ceratostigma plumbagnoides-Blue Leadwort, 1' groundcover, blue flowers, burgundy leaves 

Ceratostigma plumbagnoides, Blue Leadwort

 NEW Chelone Hot Lips

Chrysanthemum 'Sheffield Pink', 2'-3', classic single salmon pink flowers in fall, glossy leaves  Chrysanthemum Sheffield Pink in October

NEWCoreopsis Gilded Lace

Coreopsis lanceolata ‘Sunray’-2-2 ½’, double yellow flowers  Coreopsis Early Sunrise courtesy Walters Gardens


NEWCoreopsis Mercury Rising- 18"-24", wine red flowers all season, threadleaf foliage

Coreopsis Mercury Rising   Coreopsis Mercury Rising- blooming all summer

NEW Coreopsis Polaris- profuse white flowered form of above.


Coreopsis verticillata 'Zagreb’-deep yellow flowers, dark, compact grren foliage  Coreopsis Moonbeam courtesy Walters Gardens


NCoreopsis tripteris-5’, soft yellow single flowers, native

Crocosmia 'Lucifer'- 2'-3', blood red flowers over iris-like foliage, late summer/fall, beloved by hummingbirds and gardeners,

deer resistant

  Crocosmia Lucifer, Adored By Hummimngbirds

NEW Digitalis Camelot Mix

Digitalis Dalmation Mix-  Foxglove, 15"-18", compact, well branched, sun/part shade, well drained, deer resistant  Digitalis Dalmatian                                                            Digitalis Dalmatian

NEW Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit- exciting new Coneflower, mixed species, pink,red,orange,yellow white Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit Yellow Flowered                     Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit Red Flowered           Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit, Midsummer

NEW Echinacea Green Twister

NEW Echinacea pallida

NEW Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry  15"-18", same as above but with raspberry purple flowers 

 Echinacea Pow Wow Wildberry in Vancouver's summer heat

Echinacea purpurea- Purple Coneflower- 2'-3', sweetly scented purple flowers all summer, butterflies adore! 

Echinacea purpurea, Native Purple Coneflower

Echinacea purpurea-‘White Swan’-White flowered Coneflower, 2'-3', fragrant white flowers 

Echinacea White Swan, courtesy Walters Gardens

NEW Epimedium rubrum

NEW Epimedium sulphureum

N¥  Eupatorium - Joe Pye Weed - Ironweed, 5'-6', summer bloom, sun or light shade, native

NEW Eupatorium Prairie Jewel-3', white summer flowers, variegated foliage   Eupatorium Prairie Jewell, variegated foliage emerging in Spring  

 Eupatorium Prairie Jewell in Flower

NEW Euphoria Ascot Rainbow - Multi hued foliage,  green, cream,red, sunny, well drained, deer resistant

NEW Euphorbia robbiae, 12"-15", fast groundcover, green foliage, deer resistant


Athyrium nipponicum ‘Ghost Fern  2', Lady Fern x Painted Fern hybrid, silvery white fronds z4-grey/green and pink fronds z4  Ghost Fern


Japanese Painted Fern Regal Red- 15", grey/green and pink fronds, a gem z4 Japanese Painted Fern Regal Red

Barne’s Male Fern- 3', tall and narrow, tolerates a bit of sun, z4

N Brilliance Autumn Fern- 18-24", evergreen, new growth rich amber/orange, when mature the leaves are glossy green z5,

a crowd favorite!

                                Brilliance Autumn Fern, New Leaves  with Umber Color

N Champion’s wood fern- 2'-3' evergreen, lustrous dark green z4 

Christmas Fern- 12"-15", evergreen classic garden fern, dark green simple fronds, z5

NCinnamon Fern- 3'-4', strong vertical accent, prefers moisture,in summer the "flowering" stalk is covered with cinnamon colored "felt" z2

NCrested Lady Fern-2'-3', interesting congested fanciful growth on tips of fronds z4

NEW N Dixie Wood Fern- large fern, 3-4', bold and vigourous, z5  Dixie Wood Fern

 NEW N Goldies Giant Wood Fern- 3'-4', native, Z3

NHayscented Fern- 2', lacy foliage, fast spreader, native that will tolerate sunnier and drier conditions than most ferns z3

NEW N Marsh Fern- 18"-24" ht., prefers moist soils, accepts more sun than many ferns, light shade ideal z3

Japanese Beech Fern 18"-24", colonizer, can survive with less moisture than many ferns, but prefers moisture z4

Slender Fronds of Japanese Beech Fern

NLady Fern- 2'-3' , frilly lime green spreader z4-     Emerging Lady Ferns

NEW Log Fern - evergreen to 3', at home in moist or wet soils Z5

Mexican Male Fern 3'-4', continues to send out fresh new growth all season z5

NJumbo Ostrich Fern ‘The King’- 3'-5', stoloniferous spreader, loves moisture and sheltered location z2  Ostrich Fern courtesy Walters Gardens

NEW Royal Fern

N Sensitive Fern- 15"-18", coarsely divided fronds,lime green, stoloniferous native charmer z2

NNEWShaggy Sheild Fern- 18"-24", dark green coarse fronds with black stems, slow spreader, native z5 Shaggy Shield Fern 


NEW N Tokyo Wood Fern- 3', long narrow fronds, z5

NEW Upside Down Fern - fine fronds to 2' ht., Z6

N Gaura lindheimeri-White Gaura-dainty, dangling flowers in great profusion


                                                     Geranium Hybrids

Geranium ‘Biokovo’-delicate pale pink fl. fading to white, 1’, sun/pt.shade

     Bed of Geranium Biokovo

Geranium Max Frei

Geranium Reynardi 'Tschelda'-6"-8"-grey/green felted leaves, blue spring flowers, dense spreading groundcover, deer resistant. We first saw this in a garden in Vancouver and knew it would be a great addition to our plant list.

Geranium reynardii Tschelda                  

Geranium 'Rozanne'- Blooms of Bressingham introduction, 2008 Perennial of the Year, 15"-18",outstanding blue/violet

flowers all season. Most floriferous of the hardy Geraniums.

                                                                Geranium Rozanne courtesy Walters Gardens


Heliopsis- Summer Sun- 3-4' orange/ yellow flowers all summer, upright stems, good for cutting

Heliopsis Summer Sun

¥ Heloniopsis orientalis- Japanese Swamp Amaranth- low evergreen rosettes, glossy wedge shaped leaves, lavender/purple flowers.Shade.

  Heloniopsis, Swamp Amaranth, early spring bloom 


                                            Hemerocallis – Daylily Hybrids

Daylily Spider Miracle and Daylily Strutters Ball

Bertie Ferris- 18"-24", ruffled persimmon orange flowers  Daylilly Bertie Ferris, occasional rebloomer

Cinnamon Bun-15"-18", small spiced orange flowers, our first hybrid introduction/our crosses

 Daylily Cinnamon Bun

New Flame

Frosty Beauty- 2'21/2', diamond dusted pink flowers 

Daylily Frosty Beauty

Joan Senior- 18"-24", white flowers mid season. One of the whitest of Daylillies.  Daylily Joan Senior courtesy Walters Gardens


Joylene Nichole-15"-18", large rich pink ,piecrust edges, mid/late extended bloom, Popularity Poll daylily.  Daylily Joylene Nichole courtesy Walters Gardens


Lemon lily- species daylily, earliest to bloom, in May, fragrant yellow  Lemon Lily, sweetly scented and very early bloomer


Little Purple Pal- 15"-18", small purple flowers early-midseason

Mary Todd-21/2'-3' huge, rich yellow tetraploid flowers, massive stems and buds

Pale purple bicolor- light purple alternating with lemon ices yellow flower petals, late bloomer Daylily Pale Purple Bicolor


Pineapple Parachute- 24"-36", huge tetraploid, pineapple ice flowers

NEW Pumpkin Pie- 24"-36", brilliant orange flowers in great profusion midsummer

                                                                                Daylily Pumpkin Pie, So Many Flowers

Razzamatazz-18"-24", profuse purple flowers, rebloomer, compact habit

Daylily Razzamatazz, small purple rebloomer

Red Surprise- 24"-36", profuse dark red flowers all summer    Daylily Red Surprise

Red Zeppelin-24"-36", large substantial, recurved dark red, our own variety   Daylily Red Zepellin, our own variety

Daylily Red Zeppelin, Grown From Seed Years Ago, Only Available At Our Nursery

Spider Miracle- immense 5" yellow recurved spider lily, striking  Daylily Spider Miracle, huge yellow flowers on tall stems

Stella D’Oro-15"-18", everblooming golden dwarf, the champion rebloomer


Strutter’s Ball-21/2'-3', unique purple with indescribable bluish undertones 

Daylily Strutters Ball






Heuchera ‘Autumn Bride’- white clouds of flowers in late summer/fall, large maple like leaves, burgundy fall foliage

NEW Heuchera Geisha's Fan-  Coral Bells, 12"-15", purple foliage splashed with silver and green, pink flowers in spring,

part sun, well drained

 Heuchera Geisha's Fan

Heuchera ‘Pink Judy’-Coral Bells- pretty pink flowers

Heuchera ‘Snow Angel’- Bluebird Nursery introduction, green leaves speckled white,pink, pink flowers

Helleborous Winter Magic - Lenten Rose, mixed colors, deer resistant shade lovers, exceptionally long bloom period beginning in April

NEW Hibiscus Cristi- 4'-6', deep red 9" blooms in summer, loves moisture.

  Hardy Hibiscus Cristi

NEW Hibiscus Midnight Marvel

NEW N Hibiscus Palustris - native Marsh Mallow. Large pink trumpet flowers in summer, waters edge or moist garden soil



Albo-marginata-white-edged leaves

'August Moon’-large golden puckered leaves.

NEW Blaze of Glory

Blonde Elf- 6"-8" wavy gold leaves, fast grower, good low edger


Blue Angel- 3'x3', immense blue/grey leaves, a giant Hosta   Hosta Blue Angel


Blue Mouse Ears- 8"-12", cute small Hosta with round blue/grey leaves of heavy texture  Hosta Blue Mouse Ears, cute as a button

Blue Harpoons- 18"-24", our exclusive variety, narrow bright blue/silver leaves atop long stems, our own hybrid Hosta Blue Harpoons, a unique Ornamental Plantings introduction

NEW Cliffs of Dover

NEW Designer Genes- 12"-15" by 24"-30, bright gold leaves, deep red stems. Hosta Designer Genes, gold foliage and red stems, courtesy Walters Gardens

NEW First Frost- 2010 Hosta Growers Association 'Hosta of the Year', 15"-18" ht. by 2'-3' wide, blue/green centers, gold/cream margins, sport of Halcyon. 

Hosta First Frost courtesy Walters Gardens


Fortunei Aurea marginata-green lvs., gold border 

Francee-crisp white margin on lvs.

NEWFragrant Blue-18"x18"- blue foliage, fragrant pale lavender flowers

NEW Gem Stone- 10"-12" ht., small blue/green leaves on smallish Hosta.

Ginkgo Craig- small, stoloniferous, delicate green and white variegation

Gold Drop - 8"-12", neat pale golden leaves, fast grower

Gold Standard-foliage starts out green, becomes gold

NEW Golden Sceptre

Halcyon-15"-18", blue/grey thick and corrugated leaves   Hosta Halcyon in flower


June- award winning sport of Halcyon, 15"-18", wide blue green leaves with golden yellow/chartreuse centers  Hosta June

Kroussa Regale-2’-2'1/2' ht., grey lvs., 4-5’ flower stalk, a unique variety.    Hosta Regal Cross courtesy Walters Gardens



Media picta- 12"-15", old fashioned white centered Hosta, fast grower.  Hosta Media picta courtesy Walters Gardens

NEW Moonlight Spoon- a seedling selected and named by Skip Wachsberger, 18"-24", broad gold variegated leaves


NEW Night Before Christmas- 18"x36", deep green leaves, bold white centers. Stunningly crisp and bold.  Hosta Night Before Christmas courtesy Walters Gardens


Patriot- 15"-18", bold white variegation, crisp and clean foliage

Hosta Patriot

NEW Pineapple Upside Down Cake- 18"-24" ht by 3"-4" wide, long, rippled, narrow green leaves changing to gold centers with green margin. Fun and different. 

                                            Hosta Pineapple Upsidedown Cake                            

NEW Po-Po- a tiny treasure, soft grey leaves 4"-6" ht. 

NEW Rainbow's End- 12"-15"- by 18", unique variegated yellow and deep green foliage, stunning. Hosta Rainbow's End


NEW Rainforest Sunrise- 18"-24" by 2'-3' wide, smooth bright gold leaves.


Regal Splendor- 3'-4', upright vase shape, large grey green leaves with golden edges, elegant sport of Regal Cross.

                               Hosta Regal Splendor courtesy Walters Gardens                              


Stained Glass- sport of Guacamole, 15"-18", huge bright gold leaves with dark green borders, sweetly fragrant flowers.

Hosta Stained Glass courtesy Walters Gardens                         Hosta Stained Glass, exceptionally sweetly fragrant       

Sum and Substance-3'-4'x 5'-6' wide, giant Hosta, magnificent huge chartreuse leaves.  Hosta Sum and Substance


Venusta-miniature, 4-6" mounds, free flowering, smallest of the small.


Wide Brim- 15"-18", golden variegated green leaves, heavy texture, sturdy, medium sized


     Hosta Wide Brim courtesy Walters Gardens                                                                             



N ¥ Iris cristata- Dwarf Crested Iris, 1' native, blue spring flowers, fast shady groundcover  Iris cristata, a lovely native


N ¥ Iris versicolor- Blue Flag Iris, 3'-5', native, blue/purple spring flowers, moist/boggy soil

¥ Iris siberica- Siberian Iris, 2'-21/2' , purple flowers in spring, good multiplier Iris siberica courtesy Walters Gardens

¥ Iris siberica ‘Flight of Butterflies’- 12-15", dwarf Siberian Iris w/light purple flowers, very graceful and delicate

Laurentia fluviatilis- Blue Star Creeper, flat rapid groundcover,blue flowers all season

Laurentia, Blue Star Creeper

Lespedeza-Pink Fountains, 4'-5', pink/magenta flowers late summer/fall, arching habit,glorious in the fall. Lespedeza Pink Fountains in all its fall glory               Lespedeza Pink Fountains leaving the nursery in style!


Leucanthemum(Chrysanthemum) ‘Becky’- 3'-31/2', large white daisies all summer, needs no staking, great cut.

Chrysanthemum Becky


Leucanthemum (Chrysanthemum)‘Phyllis Smith’- 15"-18", fringed flowers, very showy white daisy, compact and sturdy

Shasta Daisy Phyllis Smith

¥ Lewesia ‘Little Plum’- Bitteroot, 4"-6", native succulent, rose/purple flowers, sun, good drainage, evergreen. Deer resistant  Named after famous trailblazer Merriweather Lewis

.Lewisia Little Plum


Liatris- 'Kobold'- Gayfeather, 2'-21/2', fuzzy purple flower spikes midsummer, drought tolerant.

NEW Lily Orienpet -Low and Tall varieties

Lilium formosanum- Formosa Lily, 4'-6', large, fragrant white trumpets late summer    Formosa Lily in August

NEW N Limonium latifolium- Sea Lavender

NEW N Lobelia Black Truffle- dark purple foliage, red summer flowers, hummingbird magnet


Lychnis coronaria, Rose Campion- 2'-3',bright and bold magenta flowers over grey, felty foliage, from grandma’s garden, dry sun/part shade, deer resistant.

Rose Campion - Lychnis coronaria

NEW Lychnis coronaria Angel's Blush- 2'-3', same as above, but white, sun/part shade, dry, deer resistant

¥ Lysimachia ciliata ‘Purpurea’-purple leaves, light yellow fl., 2-2 ½

Lysimachia nummularia aurea- Golden Moneywort, 2", fast low groundcover ,golden leaves in bright shade

Mazus reptans- 1"-2" rapid groundcover sun/shade, purple flowers spring and fall

NEW Mazus reptans alba-1"-2" rapid groundcover, sun/shade, white flowers spring and fall

NEW Monarda Purple - Beebalm, 2'-3', purple summer flowers, loved by hummingbirds and bees, not by deer, very mildew resistant

Monarda Purple Rooster- Beebalm

NEW N ¥ Monarda Raspberry Wine-21/2'- 3'',large raspberry colored flowers June-August, mildew resistantMonarda Raspberry Wine with daisy Phyllis Smith

¥ Nepeta mussini-‘Blue Wonder’-Catmint- 12"-15", grey lvs., blue fl., low spreader

Nepeta Walkers Low- 15"-18", profuse purple summer bloomer, grey/green pungent foliage,very deer resistant

Nepeta Walkers Low

NEW Penstemon Cherry Sparks

¥ Perovskia atriplicifolia-Russian Sage-fragrant grey leaves, blue flowers all season, deer resistant. Perovskia- Russian Sage courtesy Walters Gardens


Phlox paniculata-‘Superphlox’-white flowers, absolutely mildew proof, our own discovery, we're building our stock back up again after accidentally nearly selling the last plant.

Phlox paniculata Superphlox

NEW  Phlox subulata- Mountain Pinks- 'Emerald Blue', and 'Red Wing', 2"-4" evergreen groundcover, covered in flowers in the spring, deer resistant  

    Phlox subulata Redwing, Mountain Oinks, deer resistant spring bloomers

Physostegia-False Dragonhead- 3'-4', pink flowers in September, vigourous selection.  Physostegia, False Dragonhead, Obedient Plant

Platycodon ‘Sentimental Blue’- Dwarf Blue Balloon Flower,12"-15" , small plant but huge, deep blue  blooms, all season. Platycodon Sentimental Blue

Platcodon Grandiflora- Balloonflower, 21/2-31/2', Large blue all summer flowers, rugged perennial, long-lived, but protect from deer

  Balloon Flower  Platycodon

NEW Polygonatum humile- Dwarf Solomon's Seal, 8"-12", dark green spreading foliage, tiny arching white blooms in spring

Polygonatum humile- charming Dwarf Solomon's Seal

NEW Polygonatum variegatum- Variegated Solomon's Seal- 2'-21/2', graceful arching stems with white edged leaves, green tipped white bell flowers in spring, deer resistant, slowly spreading to colonize shady locations

¥ Potentilla nepalensis ‘Ron McBeath’- 1', magenta/red summer blooms, large fuzzy leaves

¥ Pulsatilla vulgaris ‘Heiler Hybrids’- Pasque Flower, 1', mixed colors, ferny foliage  Pasque Flower, Pulsatilla vulgaris  Pulsatilla vulgaris Seedhead

N ¥Pycnanthemum flexuosum- Mountain Mint- 15"-18", fragrant foliage, fragrant white flowers late summer/fall, deer resistant native

¥-Pyncanthemum muticum- Short-toothed Mt. Mint 21/2 - 3'', silvery foliage, fragrant purple/lavender flowers in summer, our most powerful pollinator attracter

Mountain Mint

Pyrethrum Robinsons Dark Crimson - Deep red daisies with yeloow centers, frilly fern like foliage, deer resistant

NEW Rudbeckia Goldrush - new variety, a bit more compact than Goldsturm, resistant to leafspot

Rudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’-Black-eyed Susan-masses of golden-yellow daisies all summer into fall.

Rudbeckia Goldstrum

Rudbeckia ‘Herbstonne’-"Autumn Sun"-6-8’ tall, lemon yellow flowers mid-August    Rudbeckia Herbstonne

Rudbeckia ‘Indian Summer’-3-4’, huge 6-9 in. flowers

Rudbeckia Indian Summer and Queen Anne's Lace

Rudbeckia ‘Prairie Sun’- 21/2'-3', huge single golden flowers, edged sunshine yellow, a happy flower!  Rudbeckia Prairie Sun courtesy Walters Gardens


NEWSalvia Heatwave Blaze- new hybrid 18"-24", brilliant crimson flowers all summer through freeze, hummingbird and bee friendly, deer resistant

Salvia Heatwave Blaze

NEW Salvia Heatwave Glimmer- soft white flowers all summer, pollinator atractive, deer resistant

Salvia ‘Dwarf Blue Queen’- 12"-15", green/grey leaves, deep purple flower spikes late spring to early summer. Deer resistant pungent foliage.

Salvia Blue Queen

NEWSalvia leucantha- Mexican Sage-21/2'-3', borderline hardy, fuzzy grey green leaves, purple/blue flowers in autumn, stunning for borders or planters

Salvia leucantha , Mexican Sage

¥ Salvia lyrata Purple Knockout-  biennial, 15", purple foliage, light purle summer flowers

Salvia May Night

NEW Salvia pitcherii Nekan


                                         Sedum Species and Hybrids

Athoum-groundcover, small round glossy leaves, brilliant red fall color

NEW Atlantis

Autumn Joy-18"-24", brick red flowers in fall, blue/green foliage, superlative

Sedum Autumn Joy

Bertram Anderson-12"-15", low growing dusty purple leaves, pink flowers

NEW Blue Spruce-4"-6",  low growing groundcover, blue/green needle-like foliage, fast grower.

Sedum Blue Spruce

Carl- 12"-15", small statured, similar habit to Autumn Joy, earlier blooms, dark edged leaves.

Dasyphyllum ‘Major and ‘Minor’, tiny congested evergreen blue/grey leaves, marroon/pink winter color

Sedum dasyphyylum ( hispanicum)

Divergens- 1", tiny green beadlike leaves, reddish in the hot summer sun, yellow summer flowers flowers

Hab Grey- 12"-15", grey foliage, sulphur yellow flowers, compact

Matrona- 15"-18", large light marroon leaves, light pink flowers in late summer/fall.

NEW Lidakense- 6"-12", grey leaves,low groundcover, pink flowers in late summer/fall, a favorite of many gardeners.

Neon- 12"-15", glowing purple/pink flowers, earlier than ‘Autumn Joy’, a selected sport of ‘Brilliant’. Butterfolies love it, and most other Sedums also.

Sedum Neon

Oregonum-3"-4", glossy fat leaves, like beads,red fall color

Sedum oregonum

Pachyclados- 4"-6" , blue/grey rossettes, slow, compact groundcover, pinkish/white summer flowers

Purple Emperor- 18"-24", deep purple foliage and stems, best upright purple

Sexangulare- flat groundcover, dark green needle- like leaves in geometric whorls, bronze in winter

Sedum sexangulare

Sieboldi-grey/green lvs. w/dark edges, 12-15" ht., pink fl. fall

Seiboldi variegata- lovely cream variegation on blue/ grey leaves

Spurium album superbum- evergreen groundcover, markedly healthy green leaves, white flowers

Spurium ‘Elisabeth’, red/purple foliage, dark pink flowers

Spurium ‘Tricolor’-low growing, pink, white, and green variegation

 Sedum spurium Tricolor

NEW Sunsparkler Hybrids- compact low growers, purple, grey, or variegated foliage.


Sempervivum hybrids-Hens & Chicks-assorted evergreen varieties, dry sun/dry shade

NEW Peggy- red/maroon foliage


NEW Solidago luteus, Goldenrod/Aster Hybrid, 2'-21/2', tiny soft yellow daisy flowers, deer resistant, summer bloom

N Solidago- Seashore Goldenrod- 21/2'-3', late summer/fall flowers

 Stachys’Helene von Stein’-Lamb’s Ears-large, soft, wooly leaves, silver-grey, fun to touch. Deer resistant, good grower for well drained, hot and sunny locations.

¥ Stachys grandiflora- 6-8", tight mound of hairy green leaves, purple lollipop summer flowers

NEW Stachys - pink- 6"-8", same as above except pink flowers in summer

NEW Stachys grandiflora White- 6"-8", white summer lollipop flowers, clean textured foliage

 Stachys macrantha- Big Betony- 12"-15", large crinkled leaves, pink lollipop flowers mid-summer, sunny, well drained

Stokesia - Stoke's Aster 15"-18", large blue/purple flowers all summer through heat and drought  Stokesia

NEW¥- Tanacetum 'Isla Gold'- Gold Leaf Tansy, 18"-24", dissected, ferny, bright gold leaves, deer resistant

N Thalictrum aquilegifolium Album- 3'-4', white flowers summer, blue green foliage, deer resistant

Thalictrum aquilegiafolium Album

NEW Thalictrum aquilegifolium Purpureum

NEW Thalictrum lucidum-4'-5', large yellow powderpuff bouquets in late summer, deer resistant

¥ Thalictrum rochebrunianum-'Lavender Mist' Meadow Rue-4-6’, lilac purple fl., blue/green leaves., sun/part shade, deer resistant.


NEW Tricyrtis bakeri- 2-21/2', yellow speckled flowers mid-late summer, quite rare and sweet  Trycirtis bakeri rare yellow flowered Toad Lily

Tricyrtis ‘Miyozaki Hybrids’-Toadlily-2-3’ arching stems, moist shade, purple speckled orchid-like fall flowers. Trycirtis Miyazaki, orchidlike speckled flowers late summer into fall

Verbena bonariensis- 3'-5' airy magenta powder puffs bloom and dance all summer, beloved by butterflies of all sorts

NEW Verbena ridgida Polaris- 18"- 24", similar to Verbena bonariensis, but smaller, white flowers with a hint of ice blue, flowers all season until freeze, buterflies enamoured of the blooms

Verbena rigida Polaris     Verbena rigida Polaris

¥ Vernonia fasciculata-- Ironweed, 3'-4' native, purple flowers late summer, loves moisture, sun/part shade

Vernonia, Native Ironweed

Vernonia Iron Butterfly - narrow grass like foliage, brilliant purple flowers late summer/fall, gold fall foliage



Allium-Chives-great with sour cream, edible purple flowers for salads

Allium, Chives, Alba, same as above with ,pretty white flowers

White flowered Chives. Pretty and Delicious

Allium senescens glaucum- Curly Chives, 6"-12" twisted blue foliage, pink summer flowers

Allium- Garlic Chives, 18"-24", large upright green leaves, strong garlic flavor

Bay Laurel- tender shrub, leaves used for flavor and Olympic wreaths

Cymbopogon citratus- Lemon Grass, 4'-6' tender grass, lemon flavor for soup, stir fry, salad dressing

Galium odoratum-Sweet Woodruff-delicate texture, fragrant white flowers

NEW Lavender Ellegance Snow- 12"-15", white flowers with no orange eye

NEWLavender Phenomenal- 2'-3', highly fragrant, heat and humidity tolerant, healthy vigourous plants, the newest and most acclaimed Lavender introduction

Lavender ‘Provence’-2'-3', large, hardy ,richest fragrance, source of Lavandin

Lavender Provence

Lavender ‘Silver Frost’- (finally a source for this great plant!), slowly growing to 15", the most silvery of all Lavenders

Lavender vera ‘Munstead’-English Lavender-fragrant foliage and flowers

Lemon Verbena- delightful fragrance, for salads, dressing, fish, ice cream/sorbet

Myrtis communis- Dwarf Myrtle, 12"-18", not cold hardy, adorable little tree, great Bonsai subject

Nepeta musini-Catmint-1’, blue flowers, grey leaves

Oreganum aureum- Golden Oregano, fast spreading groundcover, golden foliage, great flavor

Oregoan Herrenhausen- Ornamental Oregano, purple flowers in summer, pollinator atractive, deer resistant

Rosemary officionalis-Rosemary-deep green leaves, aromatic, tender  Rosemary in Flower

Rosemary ‘Madeline Hill’-very hardy variety, has proved winter hardy here for many years, We've replenished our stock!

Salvia elegans-Pineapple Sage-4-5’, aromatic lvs., red fall fl.

Pineapple sage

Salvia officionalis -Sage, pungent grey leaves

Santolina incana-Lavender Cotton-silver leaves, yellow flowers  Santolina   Santolina in Flower

Tarragon-French Tarragon-essential culinary herb

Thyme- Common, Creeping,Elfin, Gold-edge Lemon, Lavender, Wooly                        


                                      ¥ ORNAMENTAL GRASSES

NEW N Andropogon Black Hawks

Arundo donax- Giant Reed Grass, 10'-15', broad corn like leaves, good fast scree

Blue Fescue ‘Silver Lining’- 1', our own selection named for us by Ellen Talmage,extremely bright silver leaves 

Festuca Silver Lining               Festuca Silver Lining

Calamagrostis brachytricha- Korean Feather Reed Grass,2'-3', large, puffy fall blooms  Korean Feather Reed Grass in autumn

Calamagrostis ‘Karl Foerster’-Feather Reed Grass-2 ½’ foliage,4-5’ upright, aristocratic flowers

Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass, Patio Containers in Winter


Carex grayii- Morningstar Sedge, 2'1/2'-3', architectural rheads/seedpods, arching green leaves  Morning Star Sedge (aka  Mace Sedge)

Carex glauca- Carnation Grass, 6"-12", blue evergreen leaves, groundcover, tolerates dry conditions

Carex 'Ice Dance', 12"-15" shiny arching leaves, variegated, slow spreader, graceful and charming.

Carex Ice Dance

Carex morrowi 'Evergold'- 12"-15", evergreen leaves, gold centered, edged in green

Carex morrowi Green leaved form- evergreen, same as above, but glossy deep green foliage.

Carex muskingumensis- Palm Sedge- 15"-18", upright habit, palmlike foliage

Carex pendula- 3'-4', evergreen arching leaves, pendulous catkin flowers in spring

NEWCarex siderosticha Banana Boat-

Carex siderosticha variegata- Broadleaved Sedge- 1', vigourous groundcover, broad variegated foliage

Carex siderosticha White Centered- 12"-15", stoloniferous groundcover, new growth strongly variegated white

NEW Carex temnolepsis- 12"-15", thin gracefully arching foliage with slender white variegation

Carex testacea- Brick Coloured Sedge-  12"-15", orange color in sun, narrow, graceful arching leaves, notcold hardy in our zone, great for combination

 N Chasmantium latifolium- Northern Sea Oats- 2'-3', sun or part shade, upright form, delightful fall seedheads, great for dried arrangements, seashore tolerant.

Northern Sea Oats

Elamagrostis spectabilis- Purple Lovegrass

Equisetum scirpiodes-Miniature Horsetail-dry/moist, sun/shade, prehistoric groundcover

Equisetum - Giant Horsetail  Equisetum- Horsetail

Erianthus ravennae- Ravine Grass, arching 4' foliage, 10'-15' flower stalks, our logo plant

Fountain Grass

Hamlen’-Dwarf form,2'-21/2', late summer plumes, most prevalent grass in garden use.

Hameln Fountain Grass

‘Little Bunny’-Miniature Fountain Grass-12",our own selection, smallest and cutest Fountain Grass in the world.

Little Bunny Fountain Grass

Moudry- Black Flowered Fountain Grass, 2'-3', maroon/black bushy plumes, fall

Oriental Fountain Grass-2-2 ½’, light pink flowers early summer, graceful

Pennisetum orientale

Pennisetum rubrum- Purple Fountain Grass,3' spectacular purple leaves and flowers, not cold hardy

Pennisetum rubrum, Purple Fountain Grass

Hakonechloa macra- Green Hakone Grass- 21/2'-3', graceful lime green leaves

Hakonechloa Green

Hakonechloa macra aureola-Japanese Golden Grass-  18"-24", 2009 Perennial of the Year, golden variegated groundcover, part shade. Graceful arching habit, velvety golden foliage. Slow to mature size, well worth the wait..

Hakonechloa macra aureola

NEW Hakonechloa 'All Gold'- same as above, but with gold leaves, no variegation, brilliant in the shade

Hakonechloa All Gold

Leymus arenarius-Blue Lyme Grass, 2'-21/2', wide silver blue leaves, rapid spreader, dune plant, bluff binder

Blue Lyme Grass on Bulkhead

NEW Liriope (Ophiopogon)  Black Mondo Grass

Liriope- Mondo Grass, 12"-15", evrgreen leaves, purple flowers late summer, blue/black fruit in fall

NEW Liriope spicata

Liriope variegata- 12"-15", golden variegated leaves, purple flowers, blue/black fruit

Luzula nivea- Snowy Wood Rush, 1', quietly elegant evergreen for the shade, fuzzy green leaves, cottony spring flowers

Luzula sylvatica aurea- Golden Wood Rush,15"-18",golden, evergreen arching leaves, butter yellow cold weather color

Luzula aurea, Golden Woodrush

Maiden Grass-6-7’, narrow, graceful leaves, copper flowers. Robust, large grass, second most popular grass.

Maiden Grass ‘Adagio’-dwarf  Maiden Grass, 3'-4'

Miscanthus ‘Cabaret’- 5'-6', bold, bright white center stripe on wide leaf blades, stunning

Miscanthus ‘Little Kitten’- 1'-2', diminutive Maiden Grass, narrow leaves, very cute

Miscanthus ‘Mysterious Maiden’- 6'-7', our new patented introduction,, narrow leaves, lovely horizontal gold variegation

Miscanthus purpurescens- Flame Grass- 3'-4', upright grower, midsummer the foliage takes on purple/orange highlights

Flame Grass in Autumn

NEW Miscanthus 'Very Zebra'- our new selection, 5'-6' , compact and loaded with zebra striping

Panicum ‘Dallas Blues’- 6'- 7', wide blue arching leaves, graceful vase shape, great new variety

  Panicum Dallas Blues at 6'-7'    Panicum Dallas Blues, Autumn Color

N ¥ NEW Panicum Dewey Blue-2'-3' upright beach grass, blue/grey leaves, spreads stoloniferously, good bluff binder

Panicum ‘Heavy Metal’- 4'-5' upright grower, blue/green foliage, hazy pink summer bloom

N Schizacharium scoparius- Little Bluestem- 2'-3' from our native stock plants, stands resolutely upright all winter, brilliant tawny orange fall/winter color

NEW Scirpus zebrinus- Zebra Striped Scouring Rush, 2'-3', upright  green and white striped cylindrical leaves. Native. Moist/wet soils.

Stipa tenuissima- Mexican Feather Grass- 12-15", thin foliage, graceful arching habit, sun/dry

NEW Typha angustifolia- Narrowleaf Cattail- 4'-5', native, narrow leaves and narrow cattails. Wet/very moist ground. Native to wetlands, losing much its territory to Phragmites grass.


Variegated St. Augustine Grass- 6"-12", pink/cream/white/green leaves, groundcover, NOT HARDY, for pots and planters

Zebra Grass ‘Puentschken’-dwarf -3’-4' Zebra Grass


                                                           WOODY PLANTS

NEW Acer Seiryu, Japanese Maple

NEW Acer Butterfly, Japanese Maple

N Aesculus parviflora- Bottlebrush Buckeye,8'-10', large shrub in Horsechestnut family, white summer flower spikes, chestnut-like fall fruits, ( Buckeyes)

Bottlebrush Buckeye          Bottlebrush Buckeye Summer Flowers

NEW Akebia quinata-10'-12' vine for sun or shade, glossy five part foliage, sweet scented spring flowers

NEWAronia Brilliantissima- Chokeberry, white flowers,glossy leaves, red fall foliage, edible and vitamin rich red berries

NEW Aronia McKenzie- 6'-8', Chokeberry, similar to above except black berries

NEW Aronia Viking

Aucuba japonica - 5-6' broad-leaved evergreen, gold splashed leaves, prefers shade, tropical appearance

Buddlea ‘Black Knight’- 8'-10' ,deep purple summer flowers

Buddlea ‘Ellen’s Blue’- bluest of the Butterfy Bush flowers

Buddlea Inspired Pink, 5'-6', medium large Butterfly Bush, soft pink flowers all summer, sterile so no seedlings

Buddlea Inspired Pink

Buddlea Inspired White- same as above, slightly taller at 6'-8', large, clean white flowers

NEWBuddlea Flutterby 'Tutti Frutti Pink'- hybridized at Cornell,  2'-21/2', compact and free flowering, non-seeding

NEWBuddlea 'Miss Molly'- dark red flowers, compact at 4'-5'

Buddlea Miss Molly

NEW Buddlea Miss Pearl- White flowers

Buddlea ‘Pink Delight’-huge, bright pink flowers

Buxus Winter Gem- Korean Boxwood, evergreen, deer resistant, relatively fast growing Boxwood

NEW Calocedrus decurrens- Incense Cedar, deep dark green foliage, 20'-40', deer resistant rare and gorgeous evergreen

Calocedrus decurrens, Incense Cedar

NEW Callicarpa dichotoma- Purple Beautyberry- 3'-5', long, slender, arching  branches covered in fall with astounding, tiny bright purple berries

NEW Callicarpa Pearl Glam

NEW Calycanthus Aphrodite- Sweetshrub, 5'-6' ht. and width, red fragrant flowers over a long season, deer resistant

Calycanthus Aphrodite

NEW Campsis radicans, Trumpet Vine - orange flowers, hummingbird magnet, fast, very fast grower

NEW Caryopteris Beyond Midnight

¥ Caryopteris ‘Longwood Blue’-Bluemist Shrub- 2'-3', rich blue flowers late summer

New Caryopteris 'Snow Fairy'- 21/2'-3', bold white variegation on leaves, blueflowers late summer-fall, butterflies love the flowers!

Caryopteris ‘Worchester Gold’-2'-3', Golden yellow leaves, blue fall blooms

NEW Cornus Golden Shadows- Pagoda Dogwood , golden variegated foliage, horizontal branching habit

NEW Clematis Happy Jack- Jackmannii hybrid, profuse purple flowers over a long period through the summer

Clematis Happy Jack

NEW Clematis Still Waters

NEWClematis Sweet Summer Love- a much earlier blooming Sweet Autumn Clematis with violet pink flowers and the same strong sweet scent, very new!

NEW Clematis Viva Polonia

NEW Clethra alnifolia, Summersweet

NEW Clethra Vanilla Spice

NEW Cornus kousa- Chinese Dogwood- white flowers late spring through midsummer, red fruits for birds, striking fall color

Cornus Kousa fruit                  Kousa Dogwood Fall Foliage

Cornus siberica - Red Twig Dogwood- brilliant red stems in the winter

NEWCornus siberica Ivory Halo - red winter stems, summer leaves edged in cream variegation

NEWCotoneaster 'Streib's Findling'- 6"-8", dwarf fast growing evergreen groundcover, tiny white spring flowers, red fall berries

 Cotoneaster Streib's Findling

NEW Cotoneaster Tom Thumb

NEW Cunninghamia lanceolata - China Fir

NEW Cytissus Burkwoodi- maroon/purple bicolor flowers 4'-5' , deer resistant, seashore tolerant

¥ Deutzia gracilis ‘Nikko- 15"-18", low arching foliage, white spring flowers, burgundy fall color.

Fallopia- Silverlace Vine- foamy white summer flowers, exceedingly fast vine, great for covering fence, arbor or house

¥ Hardy Orange- 8'-10', unusual citrus shrub, small white flowers and small oranges, huge sharp thorns, green stems

NEW Hibiscus Blue Satin - Rose of Sharon

NEW Hydrangea Annabelle- 6'-8 , giant white snowball flowers, very cold hardy, blooms on new and old growth

 Hydrangea Annabelle

Hydrangea ‘Blue Billow’- 2'-3', blue lacecap, compact dense growth habit  Hydrangea Blue Billow

NEWHydrangea Glowing Embers-red snowball flowers, dark, glossy foliage

NEW Invincibelle Spirit II- huge pink flowers, strong stems to hold the flowers upright, , blooms on new wood, ($1.00 of each plant sold to nurseries is donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.) Truly a beautiful plant.

Hydrangea Invincible Spirit II

NEW Hydrangea Limelight, both tree and shrub forms available, late summer/early fall flowers that glow a lime/white

                                             Hydrangea Limelight                                               Hydrangea Limelight

Hydrangea ‘Nikko Blue’- 4-5', large blue snowball, for bluest color, maintain acid soil, lime yields pinker blooms

Hydrangea White Dome- 4'-5', huge white Lacecaps all summer, blooms on new growth, very cold hardy, a garden classic

N Hydrangea quercifolia- Oakleaf Hydrangea-6'-10', large oaklike foliage, conical white spring flowers, marroon/burgundy/orange fall color

Oakleaf Hydrangea

¥ Hypericum’Sunburst’- St. Johnswort, thousands of golden goblet flowers in summer, deer resistant

Hypericum ‘Sungold’- 3'-4', large golden yellow flowers through summer, deer resistant

NEW N Itea Henry's Garnet

Jasminum nudiflorum- 4'-5' scandent vine, yellow flowers in Feb./March, green stems all winter

NEW Juniper Blue Pacific - Seashore Juniper

¥ Juniper ‘Blue Rug’- 2"-3" dense groundcover with blue- green foliage

NEW Juniper procumbens Nana- Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper

¥ Juniper ‘Seagreen’-2'-3' arching rich green foliage

NEW Metasequoia- Dawn Redwood- to 75', fast growing "deciduous" evergreen, soft feathery foliage

Microbiota -Siberian Cypress- 8"-12", deer resistant evergreen groundcover for sun or shade, graceful juniper-like foliage turns bronze in the winter

Microbiota Winter Foliage 

N¥  Myrica pennsylvanica- Northern Bayberry, 6'-8', native shrub, aromatic foliage, sun/shade

NEW Pinus leucodermis - Bosnian Pine

NEW N Potentilla Happy Face Yellow- 2'-3', compact native with bright green finely dissected foliage and yellow flowers all summer, highly deer resistant

Prunus maritima-Beach Plum-native seashore plant, source of Beach Plum Jam

 Beach Plums, Native Seashore Plant

Rhus typina ‘Laciniata’, Cutleaf Staghorn Sumac, 10'-12' native, large,tropical dissected leaves, red/orange/yellow fall color

Cutleaf Staghorn Sumac                                                     Cutleaf Staghorn Sumac Flower/Seedhead                                                    Cutleaf Staghorn Sumac Blazing Fall Foliage        

Rosa rugosa-Salt Spray Rose- 3'-6', fragrant violet/pink or white flowers, attractive and edible rose hips, seashore plant

      Rosa Rugosa Rose Hips

NEWSarcococca confusa- Chinese Sweet Box- 2'-3', small slow growing shrub, glossy evergreen leaves, white fragrant flowers in March/April, loves shade, deer resistant, rare.

NEWSarcococca humilis- Himalayan Sweet Box- 15"-18", glossy evergreen foliage, fragrant white March-April flowers, black berries late summer/fall/winter, deer resistant, loves shade.

 Sarcococca - Himalayn Sweet Box 

NEW Schizophragma hydrangiodes Moonlight - Japanese Climbing Hydrangea

¥ Sorbaria sorbifolia- Tree False Spirea, 6'-8', ferny foliage, large creamy summer plumes, orange fall color.

NEWSpirea 'Anthony Waterer'- 4'-5' high and wide, deep pink summer blooms, an oldie but goodie, very deer resistant

¥ Spirea ‘Goldflame’-3'-4',coppery new growth, golden mature leaves, pink summer flowers

NEW Spirea Little Princess - 18", pink summer blooms, neat,compact habit, deer resistant

NEW Spirea Snowmound- 3'-4', white flowers late spring/early summer, green foliage, deer resistant

NEW Spirea vanhouttii- Bridal Wreath Spirea, 6'-8', arching foliage, white cascading flowers, deer resistant

 Spirea Vanhouttii

NEW Syringa Bloomerang Dark Purple

NEW Syringa Miss Kim- Korean Lilac, compact early bloomer, light purple fragrant flowers

NEW Syringa vulgaris - Common Purple Lilac

¥ Weigelia variegata-6'-8', cream, pink, and green lvs., pink/white flowers

¥ Willow- 12'-15', unidentified small graceful willow, fast screen, or nice specimen plant

¥ Willow ‘Hakuro Nishiki’-3'-5', pink/cream/white leaves, prune deeply for colorful new growth

 Willow ‘Ram’s Horn Willow- 30-40', large tree with curled leaves revealing silvery undersides, very exotic looking, fast grower

NEW Viburnum carlesii- Korean Viburnum, very fragrant, large white flowers

NEW Viburnum burkwoodi Mohawk- Fragrant Viburnum, 5'-6', red buds open to white, carnation scented flowers, red/purple fall foliage

NEW Viburnum Summer Snowflake- white lacecap type flowers all season, until freezing weather

NEW Vitex- Chastetree



                                                                  SHRUB ROSES

Double Knockout- double red flowered sport of Knockout, just as impervious to disease and just as abundantly flowering

Frau Dagmar Hartopp- (1914), very compact rugosa hybrid. Single silvery pink flowers, profuse hips in fall

Knockout- 2000 AARS winner- 3'-4', single/semi-double, cherry red/magenta, healthy and everblooming

Seafoam- arching branches carry pale blush/white flowers all summer, glossy leaves

                                             RUGOSA ROSES

Blanc Double de Coubert- fragrant double white flowers, 1892.

Blanc Double de Coubert

Frau Dagmar Hartopp- (1914), very compact rugosa hybrid. Single silvery pink flowers, profuse hips in fall

Hansa- (Rugosa 1905)- rich double flowers with lovely Rugosa fragrance, large grower.

Rosa Rugosa Hybrid Hansa

Moje Hammarberg- compact grower, profuse semi-double violet/purple blooms, fragrant and lots of hips

Rosa Rugosa Hybrid Moje Hammarberg

Purple Pavement-semi double fragrant flowers, compact grower

Rosa rugosa-Seashore Rose, fabled beach rose, sweet scent, trouble free, great soil binder

Snow Owl- (Rugosa), compact 3' shrub, double white flowers, very fragrant

Rosa rugosa- Seashore Rose, fabled beach rose, sweet scent, trouble free, great soil binder

Therese Bugnet’-(Hybrid Rugosa, 1950), double pink, rich fragrance 5’ x 6’, red winter stems  Rosa rugosa Therese Bugnet , sweetly scented


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                                            Herbs/Annuals 5" pots- $ 5.50 ea./ 5@$25

                                            Gallon Perennials-        $10.00 ea./5@$45

                                            2 Gallon Perennials-     $14.00ea./5@ $60

                                            Premium Perennials-    $16.00 ea./5@$70

                                            Woody Plants 1+2 Gal. $25.00ea./5@ $110

                                             Roses-                         $25.00ea./5@ $110




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